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laboratory grading reports

diamond buying is equal parts intimidating and nerve-racking. which is why having a report from a reputable lab is important.

in the united states, the best labs for diamond grading are gia and ags. for decades, they have reputations for being fair, strict, and consistent.

of all diamond purchases, an engagement ring is typically the most expensive. so it makes sense to find a diamond with a report.

a report gives you the peace of mind that what you are buying, is what you are getting. thanks to the internet and a little due diligence, you can see if you are getting a fair price.

some people will say gia/ags stones are more expensive than stones graded by other labs. but in reality, that isn't the case. some labs are known to upgrade the color and/or the clarity. to the consumer, it has an ‘amazing discount’, for an inflated grade. had it been graded accurately, it would be comparably priced to a gia or ags stone.

insider fact: diamond prices are extremely consistent around the world. no one gets a heavy discount, and no one gives a stone away. ever. if you see a stone that is priced ‘too good to be true' ... buyer beware.

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