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diamond clarity

clarity is the third most important factor when buying a diamond, and the one with the most flexibility. clarity is graded using a microscope under 10x. the diamond is scrutinized face-up, 360 in profile, and from the back.
the overall grade is the five different factors below

~ type: there are many different types of inclusions. the most common are crystals, feathers, clouds, and pinpoints.

~ number: the number of inclusions in the stone, the fewer and smaller the more valuable.

~ location: where the inclusion is, affects the ability to see it, and possibly the brilliance.

~ color and relief: low relief blends into the stone ~ high relief stands out from the stone

insider fact: same clarity grades are not created equal. the type and placement of inclusions matter to brilliance and visibility. it is important having a diamond expert assess grades vs2 and lower.

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