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diamond carat

carat refers to the weight of the diamond, subdivided into ‘100 points’, it allows a precise measurement into the hundredths of a decimal place.
carat weight is commonly referred to as ‘size’, but technically the size is the length, width, and depth measurement which is measured in millimeters. carat weight, along with color, clarity, and cut are the driving factors in diamond pricing.
as you hit 0.50ct and/or 1.00ct increments, the pricing structure changes out for same quality stones, it is known in the trade as the price per carat.
insider facts: it is important to stay within the ideal total depth range for any given shape. the heavier a stone gets in total depth, the smaller it will look face up. meaning you’ll pay for a 2.00ct, but the stone looks like a 1.50ct. the shallower the stone, the bigger it will look face up, which sounds great until you sort out it severely affects the brilliance.
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