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would you like to design a piece of jewelry? we would love to assist you!

a few things to know ... 

we offer two types of quotes:

complimentary ballpark quote: non-binding and gives you a general idea of what we can create within your budget.

$500 exact quote: we provide two specific options within your budget and timeline. due to  marketplace fluctuations, supplier hold times, and jeweler availability, exact quotes are only guaranteed for 24 hours. the fee is non-refundable, but can be applied to the quoted purchase.

want to get started with a custom piece? #Let’sDoIt

consider the 4 D's:

dinero: evaluate your budget and come up with a comfortable minimum/maximum range.

design: we will guide you through the process of jewelry design, and we recommend that you come to the table knowing your likes and dislikes.

delivery: consider the time it takes to create custom jewelry, and when you would like to have it delivered.

dependability: know that you can depend on us to make this process as seamless as possible, and that we understand the difficulty of creating a piece of jewelry sight unseen. 

xoxo ~ jules